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Laser Hair Therapy – Turning Up the Quantity

Keratin hair therapy is just a procedure for straightening the hair and making it healthy and shiny. This therapy employs a kind of protein that is contained in a person’s hair, fingernail and tooth.

Great things about Keratin Therapy

The protein keratin really helps to smoothen and straightening your hair. This protein forms a fur on the strands to make it bright and healthy. This defensive coating stays on the hair for an extended time. This therapy relaxes the hair curls and fixes the ruined hair. The consistency of the hair remains smooth and doesn’t provide you with a fragile feeling. This procedure may be executed simply and leaves the hair solid and the tendency of harm significantly decreases working as a baldness therapy as well. visit this website This procedure usually takes about one hour to 5 hours depending on the curls and the condition. The result of the procedure will last for two to four weeks depending on the quality of therapy performed and the care taken after the treatment.

Types of Keratin Therapy

You will find two major kinds of solutions available, first being regular keratin therapy and the next being keratin therapy plus. Keratin therapy is just a substance free procedure to make hair mild, smooth and vibrant. Two kinds of proteins are employed, individual hair keratin and botanical keratin. The reason being the smaller individual hair keratin molecules go in to the cuticle and the larger botanical keratin forms a fur on the cuticle. This leaves the hair fed with keratin equally inside and outside. Keratin Therapy Plus has some 100 % natural ingredients within their combine which can vary greatly depending on the product. You will need to test the structure of the material to clearly know very well what all has been added. Some of the makes add the goodness of seed supplements like vanilla bean. Some products and services add collagen for revitalizing the hair. Chocolate has already been used with keratin as cocoa assists in reinforcing the internal framework of the hair and maintains the normal tendency of the hair to stretch supporting in baldness treatment. Some products and services add strawberry which will be rich in fatty acids, omega-3s and Supplement D helping in improving the consistency of the hair.

Hair Treatment Post Therapy

The preservation of hair post the keratin hair therapy is very essential to keep the effect of the process for an extended time. For the waiting period, which will be usually 3 days you’re required to not damp your hair. Just in case your hair gets damp because of sweat or any other reason, it is very important to blow dry them the moment possible. Attempt to keep them down normally as you can and prevent adding your hair in a pony tail. This will help in keeping your hair right for an extended time.


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